System for Annotation and Linkage of Sources in Arts and Humanities

Salsah is the generic user interface (front-end) for Knora (back-end) — a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities. Both application supports Sipi a iiif media service.

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Longevity of Humanities Data

Data are organized by Knora, which keeps them accessible and reusable, even as technologies change.

Citable and Reusable

Anything on Salsah can be annotated, cited, published as Linked Open Data, and reused in new research.

Powerfull Searches

Search for relationships between text, metadata, annotations, markup, links, and more. Salsah supports fulltext, extended and faceted search.


When data changes, Knora preserves past versions and they can be visualized on Salsah.

Control Access

You decide who can view and change data in your project. Set permissions on a whole resource but also on each metadata field.

User Interface

Salsah is built with Knora user interface modules, which can be reused in own project-specific applications.

Work with humanities data

Create, Store, Share, and Work with Humanities Data

A Knora repository is a place for doing research. Knora can store texts, images, audio and video recordings, metadata, annotations, text markup, and any other data created by humanities research. It is designed for long-term preservation, and at the same time it provides powerful tools for searching, annotating, extending, linking, sharing, and reusing data.

Find and Link Data across Projects

With Knora, you can search for and link data across projects, search for dates in one calendar and find corresponding dates in other calendars, link a word in a text to an annotation of part of an image, and search for text markup across large numbers of texts.

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